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Business Development Services

Business development is a combination of strategic analysis, marketing, and sales. Business development (or "biz dev") professionals can be involved in everything from the development of their employers' products and services, to the creation of marketing strategies, to the generation of sales leads, to negotiating and closing deals.

Our Business development Services are through advertising, brand projection via, Seminars, exhibitions and webinars, etc.

Consultancy Services

Services include Engineering, project management, project deployment and project maintenance in telecommunication facilities in various sectors like Government, banking, petroleum, transport, irrigation and power, fertilizers, mining, health and public utility, defense and security etc., in the area of Digital/Analog Radio Systems, Microwave UHF/VHF, Mobile Communications, Fiber Optics System.

Procurement Services

Procurement & Supply of telecom equipments from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), project and OEMs related materials and its accessories from International and National Companies.

Staffing Services

The managerial function of staffing involves manning the organization structure through proper and effective selection, appraisal and development of the personnels to fill the roles assigned to the employers/workforce.

We deploy the technical and non-technical staff on contract for a project or for particular period .

Project Management

Services include from the project start to end as per the client requirements and schedules.